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denmark | social service club

Artistic Responses to Family Planning in the Climate Crisis

Join us to explore how art can be a process of inquiry, research, exploration and experimentation to help us arrive at new ideas and solutions, and offer opportunities to develop our own alternate visions for family planning during uncertain times.

September 15, 2019

Social Service Club
Store Heddinge, Denmark

Maria Ogliastri
Visual Artist

Morgan Catalina
Founder, Hot Takes


frankfurt | Me convention

Kids in the Climate Crisis: Artistic Expressions for Generation Baby Bummer

The planet is literally burning - from the Arctic to the Amazon we’re feeling the effects of climate change first-hand, but we’re still processing what this means in our daily lives. Given this uncertainty, it’s no wonder a growing chorus of voices is sharing their concerns about having children. Having a child is incredibly carbon intensive, and some people question the ethics of bringing a child into the sixth mass extinction, and the social and environmental injustices that come with it. It can be confusing and isolating for prospective parents who feel their futures are threatened by this pre-traumatic stress, so how can we begin to process these feelings? In this session, explore how art can be a process of inquiry, research, exploration and experimentation to help us arrive at new ideas and solutions, and offer opportunities to develop our own alternate visions for uncertain family futures.

September 12, 2019

me Convention
Festhalle Frankfurt

Maria Ogliastri
Visual Artist

Morgan Catalina
Founder, Hot Takes


amsterdam | The hoxton

Two Girls, One Pen: A Seductive Storytelling Workshop

Admit it: There’s no better start, or end, to the day than feeling sexy and excited about that special someone. Sharing your desires is a liberating, vulnerable and empowering experience, whether you’re reigniting a long-term relationship spark, or testing the waters with a hottie you just met. Join us for this two-part workshop where you’ll learn tips for taking your seductive creativity to the next level. First, we will share poses, angles, scenarios and artistic concepts that will inspire you and your lover. Next, we’ll review sexting strategy, going over storytelling styles, sharing real examples, and answering your questions.

August 22, 2019

The Hoxton
Herengracht 255


New York City | Thoughtworks

Intimate Dilemmas in the Climate Crisis: Grief, Kids, and Feelings about the Future

The impact of climate change can stir up a range of emotions and affect communities in unique, often disproportionate ways. Grief, fear, despair, depression, motivation, hope and the desire for a better future are all sentiments that can be very personal, but are also what unite us.

Together we'll investigate these difficult, intimate issues that are gaining momentum in public debates around climate. What does it mean to bring new life (children) into this catastrophic climate crisis? How can we process difficult emotions spurred by climate change in ways that foster resilience? Come hear different voices discuss how they approach the question of having and raising children (or not) amidst climate breakdown, and what new vulnerabilities our changing environments are creating for people (in profoundly inequitable ways). Join us to explore the tensions and debates around the psychological impacts of living on a warming planet, and begin to channel our individual views into positive, collective work in the world.

July 24, 2019

99 Madison Avenue, NYC

Britt Wray
Author and Broadcaster

Mary Annaise Heglar
Director of Publications, Natural Resources Defence Council

Josephine Ferorelli
Co-Founder, Conceivable Future

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson
Assistant Professor, Yale University

Jade Begay
Filmmaker,  Strategist and Indigenous Rights and Climate Justice Activist

Supported by
The Brooklyn Brewery
Clean Choice Energy


amsterdam | ten club

Why Should We Watch Porn?

Porn: like it or not, we’re all watching. As society evolves and more becomes available online, it is important for us to think about what it means today - why are we watching? What are we learning? Lets address the messy questions around why exploring sex on the internet matters with the people who know best: the performers, directors, and researchers dedicating their lives to creating and understanding the value of porn today.

Join Hot Takes for this edition of SexTALKS at the Ten Club to take a look behind the scenes and explore why we should watch pornography in 2019.

June 26, 2019

Ten Club at the Mayor Manor
Nes 118, Amsterdam

Jennifer Lyon Bell
Director and Founder, Blue Artichoke Films

Yvette Luhrs
Pornographer, sex workers’ rights activist

Jamie Butine
Porn performer and maker, sex worker and activist; Member of the Amsterdam Queer Porn Collective and of Le Porn Project


austin | sxsw 2019 workshop

Family in the Anthropocene: Kids + Climate Crisis

Let's investigate a difficult issue that can be emotional, personal and also societal: what does it mean to have children in the midst of a potentially catastrophic climate crisis? While the majority of people do not yet consider climate change in family planning, a growing chorus of voices says that we ought to. It is now well documented that having fewer or no children is the most effective way to reduce one's carbon emissions. Some people decide against it because they feel it is unethical to exacerbate our environmental challenges in an age of overpopulation, while others fear a rapidly changing world might harm their child’s ability to have a healthy, successful life. And some people counter by saying that humanity has always risen to solve great challenges. Many different cultural, class and religious divides shape our views on this complex topic. Together we explored the tensions and debates around these issues, and began to channel our individual views and feelings into positive, collective work in the world.

March 9, 2019
The Westin Hotel in Austin, TX

Morgan Catalina
Hot Takes

Britt Wray
Broadcaster & Author


Amsterdam | The Hoxton

Empowerment: The Other Side of Sex Work

Sex work is challenging - from institutional discrimination to harmful portrayals in the media, there are many fronts where we seek progress. However, focusing on the (very real) struggles only illuminates half the story. It is time to recognize the voices of professionals who discovered how meaningful sex work can be not only for clients, but also for themselves. Offering emotional, physical and sexual support can be intensely rewarding, and the depth of human experience means there is always more to learn and explore. Let’s hear first-hand from the people empowered by doing a job they love, and find out how to create supportive community of allies to normalize and celebrate this timeless and important profession.

February 19, 2019
19:00 - 21:00

The Hoxton
Herengracht 255, Amsterdam

Rosie Heart
Sex Worker + Sex Educator, PROUD

Morgan Catalina
Hot Takes


amsterdam | Friends of Hot Takes

Check out this special event Intimate Encounters, which offers an evening for curious minds to research intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with thyself and others. Hosted by Ten Club Amsterdam. Contact us for the ticket link if you’d like to attend.

February 10, 2019

Ten Club
Nes 116


amsterdam | Friends of Hot Takes

Hot Takes joined The Akin for a discussion on the future of romance and seduction. After going through some fascinating data and case studies, we held a debate on the possible futures we face.

Feburary 6, 2019
19:00 - 21:00

The Hoxton
Herengracht 255, Amsterdam


amsterdam | the hoxton

Radical Openness and the Future of Love

What does the future hold? While it’s helpful to speculate, the truth is, we know very little. Digital technologies are reshaping our societies – and our relationships. As more people connect via different mediums, the possibilities seem endless. But how can we find balance between helpful, ethical and hurtful? When it comes to radical openness, is there such a thing as too much honesty? As alternative relationship styles become normalised, continual self awareness and clear communication is needed. At this event, we explored contemporary relationships, how to communicate effectively with your partners and community, and bring more openness and intention to your love life.

November 30, 2018
18:30 - 21:00

The Hoxton
Herengracht 255, Amsterdam

Morgan Catalina
Hot Takes

Isabeau Jensen
National Youth Council, Dutch Polyamory Foundation

Roos Reijbroek
De Vrije Ruimte



Sex, Love and Swiping: Tech & The Future of Love

As technology and innovation propel us forward, what are the possibilities for our romantic relationships? From online dating to webcams and sexting, in what ways are new technologies evolving how we connect? Will the traditional convention of marriage and lifelong monogamy survive given the seemingly infinite options served up to us on our devices?

Carolyn Harrold
Co-Founder, Hot Takes

Emily Witt
Author, Future Sex

Eric Klinenberg
Author, Modern Romance
& Going Solo


 Morgan Catalina
Co-Founder, Hot Takes

Christopher Ryan
Author, Sex at Dawn

Zhana Vrangalova
Sex Educator +
Professor New York University


Choose Your Adventure: A Path to Polyamory & Beyond

Not sure monogamy is right for you? You’re not alone. A recent study showed 1 in 5 Americans have had a consensual non-monogamous relationship, while over 30% are interested. As technology reshapes our lives, so will our relationships. It’s time to reassess how we relate, choose an approach with intention, and develop a language that works for us. Whether you’re single or want to open a current relationship, we offered ideas for ethical non-monogamous living and learn how to communicate better for the relationships you want — both in and beyond the bedroom.



Sexy Talk, Tasty Bites

An intimate evening of stiff drinks and and fun toys, in partnership with LELO.